Index Hedging

Over 100yrs of executive & front line trading experience allows Lifesource Capital to match fast moving sentiment driven paper contracts to fundamental physical deals. The tier 1 proficiency in differentials of time, location, quality, price & x-commodity sets Lifesource Capital alongside the worlds top 5 trading houses.

Forward / Futures / Swaps / Option Execution:

Lifesource has proficiency in automated execution ensuring limited slippage & best pricing for OTC, Exchange & platform based markets.

Physical & Paper Market Access:

Via its own and partner capability, Lifesource Capital is able to connect clients to global & local exchanges plus a vast array of direct counterparties across ISDA, MSPA, EFET, NEASB, GTMA, SCOTA & Long Form confirm agreements.

Option & Flexibility Structuring:

Proficiency in pricing, structuring, aggregating & executing complex flexibility & options inc physical ToP, financial outright & swaptions, quanto, ratchet, contingent and Asian / American / European structures.

Proprietary Capital Allocation:

Lifesource Capital has structured a number of fund start ups and now has access to deploy AUM capital into systematic, machine learning & special situation commodity funds on behalf of client capital.