Lifesource Capital practices & endorses its unique commodity trading ‘Hybrid Model’ to meet the evolving market & clients needs.

As the old commodities slowly fade and new energy, fuels & materials prosper, it is imperative that parties involved in extraction, transport, processing, storage & marketing are expert professionals, proficient at all physical, paper & capital components of the deal.

Powered by Analytics

We capitalise on the explosion of data and advances in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to detect opportunities, and enhance decisions

Competitively Positioned

Our hybrid model brings together the physical experience of trading houses, the financial structuring of private equity & venture capital, and the analytical & execution rigor of financial traders

Commercial Focused

Hydrogen & e-Fuels / Renewables & Climate Markets / Blue & Green Heavy Industry inc Water / NextGen Materials / Zero-Carbon Global Gas / Transitioning Old Commodities / Commodity Paper & Crypto.

Gateway for Capital

We present investors access to physical trading & investments margins with choice over which transitioning themes to participate.

Future Proof Technology

Lifesource Capital harnesses cloud technology, modular architecture, serviced platforms & communication technology to opitimise trading, origination and asset development decision making.

Flexible & Scalable

Our operating model is rooted in our commercial focus; ensuring we can always take advantage of the latest technology, maintain a high level of adaptability, and stay flexible enough to scale quickly as needed.

A New Experience for Talent

We ensure to be at the forefront of new talent stewardship methodologies; delivering partnership, collaboration, continuous learning & development as well as lifestyle flexibility.