Lifesource is led by a team of highly experienced senior commodities professionals with the proficiency, network & experience it takes to succeed in the rapidly evolving commodity & energy landscape.

Lifesource Capital has a spotlight on transformation. Setting strategy, constructing capability, realizing market entry, optimizing portfolios & securitization of assets & project development are all at the core of how Lifesource Capital advantages its partners & clients.

  • Traditional Commodity Markets
  • Transitioning Markets
  • NextGen Markets
  • Associated Commodity Markets

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  • Strategic: Corporate M&A, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Asset Development
  • Strategy: Corporate, Commercial, Logistical & Operational
  • Execution: Targeting, Due Diligence, Execution
  • Business Turn Around
  • BoD & NED Mandates


  • Client Marketing & Sales
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Client Sourcing & Origination
  • Tender Execution
  • Business Development

Structured Capital

  • Corporate Lines
  • Asset Financing
  • Trade Financing
  • Equity & Venture Capital
  • Alternative Commodity Finance

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Business Architects

  • Operational Business Planning
  • Digitalization Realization
  • Systems Implementation
  • Counterparty Onboarding
  • Regulatory, License & Compliance Establishment
  • Risk Framework & Application
  • Talent Mgmt Onboarding, Culture, Reward

Hedging & Optimization

  • Index Hedging
  • Forward / Futures / Swaps / Option Execution
  • Physical & Paper Market Access
  • Option & Flexibility Structuring

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Quantitative Analytics

Via Lifesource Capital’s strategic investments it provides deep data engineering, competitor analysis + price & fundamental analysis for structured & unstructured data. Data Analytics + Commercial Analytics are combined with AI & ML to ensure descriptive & diagnostic analysis is advance to predictive & prescriptive analytics, resulting in high performance ratio Intelligent Trading.

Systems Architecture

Lifesource Capital is a tactical financier in a Commodity Systems & SAAS service advisory firm, focused on designing NextGen business infrastructure for natural resource traders, optimizers and asset owners.

Logistics Services

As a seed investor, Lifesource Capital controls a FinTech service provider focused on seaborne, terminal and onshore commodity logistics. Its partners & clients benefit from a tailored provision beyond current market services. Beyond simple cost control, this service creates real top line value.